Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not a good time to get sick or How I Learned to Love My Bleeding Eyes

O.k., so here's the story about his week. I've been fighting a bug since Monday and have been basically bedridden since Tuesday. I've been able to get up a few time but only for a few minutes and really not enough time to get any work done. To be honest, it really hit me a few hours after making my last post on Tuesday. I'm not saying that my writing made me sick, I'm just saying that it's a big coincidence. I ask anyone reading this blog that if you get sick after, let me know so I can take some writing classes and try to stop this epidemic I'm now calling Acute Writingdeficiency Justistosis.

Seriously though, it could not have happened at a worst time. I did get some work done on Monday and a little on Tuesday morning, but the bedridden part of being sick made it so that I couldn't work Tuesday evening or Wednesday.

Now you might think that one and a half days is not that bad of a loss. But the work I did on Monday I decide to scrap due to the fact that I didn't like what I did (I wasn't feeling well either that day and looking back at my work, I should have just put the pencil down and gone to bed), so add that day to the wasted days column. And the work I did on Tuesday was some minor sketching and the addition to the blog. I wasn't able to do anything that I wanted to get done.

Which brings me today. Usually when I work through out the day I take little breaks every few finished illustrations. Nothing huge maybe half an hour, maybe an hour, depending on how much I got done. But today to make up for being sick I've been drawing straight since 7:30 his morning to about 6:30 (whenever I started updating the blog). So that's about ten hours of drawing (I took an hour break around 12 for some lunch, which was the only food I'd had since lunchtime Tuesday). I'm not going to lie, my eyes are killing me.

But I DID get a lot done today. Baring any changes that need to be made, I only have five illustrations left. Tomorrow I'm going to Billy's dog grooming salon to get some ideas on a couple of the illustrations that are left, and will hopefully be done with the pencil art for the book. I don't know if I'm going to be able to stick to my goal of having finished by the end my vacation (I still have a nine to fiver) but at least I got enough done today to make up for the lost days earlier in the week.

That's about it. I think I'm done for the evening. I'm just going to listen to the radio and give my eyes a must deserved rest.

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Anonymous said...

I feel guilty that you're working when you're sick! take it easy--we have until 12/1
p.s. LOVE the blog!!!