Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long time.

Sorry about not updating for a while, but since I can't really show you my sketches there isn't really anything to say unless something important happens. Unless you want to read updates that basically say "Did some drawing....and that's about it. Believe me it was pretty exciting". I could do that but it would probably get boring pretty quickly. I could also lie, maybe add in a terrorist attack that I foiled or a lost orphan that taught me what it means to really love, but I think that would be wrong and you deserve better.

Back to the story at hand...

Last night I had another meeting with the authors. Luckily they had the election coverage on in the background. I don't know if I could have been able to concentrate with out knowing what was going on. We talked about the illustrations that I needed to change and luckily I got them right this time. I do need to change one or two more, but other than those, I'm done with the pencil art.

Another thing that we talked about was the size of the illustrations for the book. We went through each drawing and discussed what would be the best size. Now we begin the inking process. It's a little time consuming but not nearly as hard as the pencil art and all the re-dos that I've had to do. That's one thing that I've learned doing the book; it's hard to draw someone's ideas. You can't really see inside their head so you don't really know what they want. But that's the job, so I need to adapt.

After we got done going over the book we watched McCain's concession speech and the Obama's acceptance speech. Which was good because I don't have cable or any rabbit ears (or whatever box I need to get for the digital change up) so I would not have been able to watch it live. It was also nice to watch it with other people.

So that's about it for now and I think I covered everything that I wanted to mention; meeting, inking and lack of updates. Take it Easy.