Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meetings and Missteps

Last Thursday, I had a meeting with Jill and Billy about the illustrations that I had done. They were pretty well received, though I do have to make some changes. The changes aren't too big, I only have to make a couple of changes to the tools that I use in the illustrations, and a couple of awkward hand gestures.

So the meeting went pretty good, we basically went over all the drawing that I had done. We also talked about some of the illustrations that I have yet to do. I don't have many more to do, hopefully it won't take long so I can get to the inking stage.

Speaking of inking, the editor wants me to use Adobe Illustrator instead of Photoshop, which I can understand. You do get a crisper line with Illustrator, I just hate working with vector. It's a major pain in the ass. But since I'm getting paid, I guess I'll just jump through the necessary hoops. The main hiccup is that the inking might just take a little longer than I had anticipated, so I need to plan for that.

During the meeting I mentioned this blog, to find out what I could and couldn't say. We also discussed what I could show, if anything, which is why I took down the drawing from the first post. We decided that until we can get permission from the publisher figuring it would be safer to wait on posting anything, so we don't piss anyone off. If it turns out that I can put some stuff up, then I'll upload those pictures again, with some others.

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Anonymous said...

wow-you make me and billy ound so professional! thanks!